20 Stores Popular In The 70’s That Don’t Exist Anymore

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The 1970s was a remarkable era that witnessed the rise of iconic stores that captured the essence of their time. From record shops to department stores, these establishments played an essential role in shaping our shopping experiences and cultural memories.

Thom McAn (Closed 2011)

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Thom McAn was more than just a shoe store; it was a place where each pair of shoes told a unique story. Known for its quality footwear and diverse range, Thom McAn catered to every family member’s footwear needs. Though the physical stores may have vanished, the memories of finding the perfect pair of shoes remain.


Lorne’s / Wet Seal Store (Closed 2017)

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Born as Lorne’s in 1962, this fashion retailer transformed into Wet Seal in 1990, also showcasing clothing under Arden B and Blink. As 2015 arrived, competition grew, leading to multiple store closures. Employee protests about communication and pay became visible through store windows. Ultimately, in January 2017, Wet Seal had to shut down all its stores due to the prevailing “retail apocalypse.”


Circuit City (Closed 2009)

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Started in 1949 as Wards Company, Circuit City became a popular electronics store in the US. They had over 550 stores at their peak, offering electronics and services. They had a chance to buy Best Buy in 1988 but declined. In 2007, wages were cut, stores closed, and management changed. By 2009, they closed down, ending the era of Circuit City.


Ames Department Store (Closed 2002)

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Ames Department Store was a shopping haven that offered an extensive range of products, from clothing to household essentials. Its affordable prices and variety made it a go-to destination for families seeking value and convenience.


Tower Records (Closed 2006)

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For music aficionados, Tower Records was more than just a store—it was a sanctuary of sound. With its vast collection of vinyl records and CDs, Tower Records allowed music lovers to explore new tunes and discover their favorite artists.


K·B Toys (Closed 2009)

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K·B Toys was a paradise for kids and kids-at-heart. With its colorful displays of toys and games, it ignited imaginations and brought joy to countless children. The memory of wandering through the aisles, wide-eyed with excitement, remains a cherished part of many childhoods.


Linens ‘n Things (Closed 2008)

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Linens ‘n Things was the destination for all things bedding and home decor. From cozy comforters to stylish curtains, this store turned houses into homes with its wide selection of products that added a touch of comfort and style to everyday living.


Tweeter Home Entertainment (Closed 2008)

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Tweeter Home Entertainment was more than just a store—it was a haven for audiophiles and tech enthusiasts. Offering a range of high-quality audio and video equipment, it turned homes into personal entertainment centers.


Sam Goody (Closed 2006)

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Sam Goody was a treasure store for music lovers, offering a wide array of CDs, tapes, and records. It was a place where music enthusiasts could explore different genres, find hidden gems, and share their passion for melodies.


A&P (Closed 2015)

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A&P (The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company) was more than a grocery store—it was a cornerstone of communities. Providing families with fresh produce and pantry essentials, A&P played a vital role in nourishing households and bringing neighbors together.


Sport Chalet (Closed 2016)

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Sport Chalet was the ultimate destination for outdoor enthusiasts. From camping gear to athletic apparel, it catered to adventurers seeking the thrill of the great outdoors.


Virgin Megastores (Closed 2009)

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Virgin Megastores was a musical paradise that celebrated the joy of browsing through aisles of CDs and records. With its vibrant atmosphere and extensive selection, it was a hub for music discovery and exploration.


RadioShack (Closed 2017)

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RadioShack was the place where tech enthusiasts found everything they needed for their DIY projects and electronic endeavors. From gadgets to components, it fueled the curiosity and creativity of tinkerers.


Kinney Shoes (Closed 1998)

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Kinney Shoes offered a diverse range of footwear that catered to various tastes and occasions. It was a store where customers could find the perfect pair of shoes to complete their look.


Dalton Bookseller (Closed 1989)

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Dalton Bookseller was a haven for bookworms, providing a curated selection of books that transported readers to different worlds. It was a place of literary discovery and imagination.


Chess King (Closed 1995)

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Chess King was a fashion destination that offered trendy clothing for men. It provided a platform for men to express their style and embrace the latest fashion trends.


The Pop Shoppe (Closed 1983)

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The Pop Shoppe was more than a beverage store—it was a nostalgia-inducing experience. With its diverse selection of sodas and retro vibes, it offered a taste of the past.


The Wiz (Closed 1983)

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The Wiz was a tech paradise that showcased the latest in electronics and gadgets. It was a place where customers could explore the world of innovation and bring cutting-edge technology home.


Zayre (Closed 1989)

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Zayre was a retail giant that provided shoppers with a wide range of products at affordable prices. It was a shopping destination that catered to diverse needs and tastes.


T.G. & Y. (Closed 2001)

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T.G. & Y. was a variety store that offered budget-friendly products, from household items to toys. It was a place where customers could find affordable treasures that brightened their lives.