10 Commercial Jingles That You Still Remember from the 70s

ddrower / YouTube

From catchy melodies to unforgettable lyrics, the world of advertising jingles in the 1970s was a musical phenomenon that left an indelible mark. As the social progress of the 60s flowed into the 70s, these jingles became an integral part of pop culture.

Let’s travel back to this groovy decade and explore some of the most iconic jingles that made brands unforgettable:


1. Oscar Mayer (1973): “My Bologna Has a First Name”

In the 70s, Oscar Mayer took spelling to a new level with their jingle that spelled out their name. Kids across the nation learned to spell “O-S-C-A-R” while yearning to be an Oscar Mayer wiener. This playful tune became a staple in households, making lunchtime a little more musical.

2. Budweiser (1978): “For All You Do, This Bud’s for You”

Crafted by the legendary jingle creator Steve Karmen, Budweiser’s anthem saluted individuals with a refreshing brew. Originally “When You Say Budweiser, You’ve Said It All,” the jingle evolved into its well-known version, becoming a testament to camaraderie and appreciation.

3. Band-Aid (1975): “I Am Stuck on Band-Aid”

Johnson & Johnson struck a chord with their Band-Aid jingle, proving that healing could be catchy. “I am stuck on Band-Aid, because my Band-Aid’s stuck on me” resonated with kids who knew the comfort of a trusty Band-Aid after an adventure-filled day.

4. Ace Hardware (1970s): “Ace is the Place with the Helpful Hardware Man”

Ace Hardware made sure their name stayed on everyone’s lips with their memorable jingle. By weaving their name into the tune, they created an earworm that resonated with anyone seeking assistance for home projects.

5. McDonald’s (1971): “You Deserve a Break Today”

McDonald’s treated customers to a musical break with their jingle. By declaring that people not only wanted but deserved McDonald’s, the fast-food giant connected with the desire for a delicious pause in the day.

6. Coca-Cola (1971): “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”

Coca-Cola tapped into the peace movement with a jingle that aimed to unite. In a world seeking connection, this jingle captured the sentiment of coming together and sharing happiness.

7. McDonald’s (1975): “Two All Beef Patties, Special Sauce…”

McDonald’s introduced the Big Mac with a jingle that’s hard to forget. “Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun” perfectly encapsulated the iconic burger, and parents and kids alike hummed along.

8. Dr. Pepper (1977): “I’m a Pepper, He’s a Pepper”

Dr. Pepper turned soda lovers into “Peppers” with their jingle that celebrated individuality. The catchy tune, complete with a dancing David Naughton, added fizz to the brand’s image.

9. Sara Lee (1972): “Nobody Does It Like Sara Lee”

Sara Lee’s clever jingle became the backbone of their ads for years. With witty lyrics, the jingle celebrated the brand’s unique appeal and left an impression on consumers.

10. Ralston’s Meow Mix (1976): “Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow”

Meow Mix’s simple yet infectious jingle became a classic. Its repetition and catchy melody made it unforgettable, even for those who weren’t particularly fond of felines.