15 Songs that Played at Every Party in 1970s

The swinging ’70s! A time of funky beats, disco balls, and dance-filled nights. Just like every era, the ’70s had its own lineup of party hits that kept the dance floors alive until the break of dawn. Disco music took the stage, a fusion of pop and funk that defined the era’s musical landscape. From […] More

Alex Lifeson’s Finest: Top 5 Rush Songs

Alex Lifeson, the guitar maestro also known as Alexandar Zivojinovich, left an indelible mark on the iconic rock band Rush. Through his creative guitar skills, he shaped the band’s sound across various phases of their remarkable journey. Here are 5 greatest Rush songs where Lifeson’s musical brilliance takes center stage. 5. “The Seeker” – Feedback […] More

10 Commercial Jingles That You Still Remember from the 70s

From catchy melodies to unforgettable lyrics, the world of advertising jingles in the 1970s was a musical phenomenon that left an indelible mark. As the social progress of the 60s flowed into the 70s, these jingles became an integral part of pop culture. Let’s travel back to this groovy decade and explore some of the […] More

20 Rockstars Alongside Their Strikingly Resemblant Offspring

Growing up alongside famous rockstars often means these kids can’t escape the spotlight. Meet the kids who’ve inherited seriously cool qualities from their rockstar parents. Many of them have become stars in their own fields, following in their parents’ footsteps. John Lennon and Sean Lennon   Sean Lennon, son of the legendary John Lennon, not only […] More

Rediscovering the Beatles’ 20 Underrated Songs

The Beatles, celebrated for their timeless hits that resonate across generations, have a treasure trove of lesser-known gems that often get overshadowed by their more famous tunes. Let’s take a journey to discover these hidden treasures and explore the enchanting world that makes them truly special. “Rain” Though often in the shadow of “Paperback Writer,” […] More

Watch Steve Winwood’s Captivating Performance of “Can’t Find My Way Home”

Blind Faith, the extraordinary supergroup comprised of Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Ginger Baker, and Ric Grech, left an unforgettable mark on music history. Amid their short-lived journey, one remarkable moment stands out – Steve Winwood’s enchanting rendition of “Can’t Find My Way Home.” An Iconic Collaboration Blind Faith’s inception marked a convergence of unparalleled talent. […] More

When Pat Boone Went Full Metal Upsetting the Christian Community

Pat Boone, famous for hits like “Love Letters In The Sand,” took an unexpected detour in 1997 that left everyone astonished. He released “In a Metal Mood: No More Mr. Nice Guy,” an album defying his gentle image by covering rock classics. This move created waves in both the Christian community and the music world. […] More

10 Women Pioneers in Classic Rock

These pioneering female rockers underscore the profound gender disparity inherent in the music industry. A stark comparison to a hypothetical list of pioneering male rockers across the decades highlights the glaring discrepancy – a list that would undoubtedly span the length of a book rather than a concise article. While we celebrate these 10 women […] More

Robert Plant To Release His Own Podcast

Robert Plant is set to start his podcast next week. Plant’s podcast will make its first public appearance in June 3 called “Digging Deep: The Robert Plant Podcast” which will revolve around the singer’s stories regarding his career. “Making records is a very personal experience,” said Plant in the feature trailer. “I was so ready […] More

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