Alex Lifeson’s Finest: Top 5 Rush Songs

via @Karuna Tanahashi / YouTube

Alex Lifeson, the guitar maestro also known as Alexandar Zivojinovich, left an indelible mark on the iconic rock band Rush. Through his creative guitar skills, he shaped the band’s sound across various phases of their remarkable journey.

Here are 5 greatest Rush songs where Lifeson’s musical brilliance takes center stage.

5. “The Seeker” – Feedback (2004)

Lifeson’s guitar prowess shines in the cover of “The Seeker” on the “Feedback” EP. The track captures the raw energy of early Rush music while showcasing Lifeson’s exceptional riffing skills. The cover pays homage to The Who’s original while infusing it with Rush’s unique essence.

4. “Cold Fire” – Counterparts (1993)

In “Cold Fire,” Lifeson’s guitar work reflects his affinity for The Who, evident in the distortion-infused introduction. The Counterparts album signaled a shift towards a grittier sound for Rush, and Lifeson’s guitar tones seamlessly complemented this evolution. His playing embodies a fusion of influences that contribute to the song’s distinct character.

3. “BU2B” – Clockwork Angels (2012)

“BU2B” from the “Clockwork Angels” album puts Lifeson’s guitar front and center, highlighting his ability to deliver intense and enthralling performances. Lifeson’s guitar riffs resonate with a fiery energy, elevating the song’s overall intensity. This track highlights Lifeson’s enduring creativity and his impact on Rush’s evolving sonic landscape.

2. “Bastille Day” – Caress of Steel (1975)

Lifeson’s fiery guitar solo in “Bastille Day” intensifies the song’s frenetic pace, leaving a lasting impression. This song showcases Rush’s talent for delving into complex themes within concise compositions. The fusion of Lifeson’s exceptional guitar work and Rush’s distinctive sound creates a captivating musical experience.

1. “Working Man” –  Rush (1974)

“Working Man” marked Lifeson’s impactful debut with Rush. The opening riff speaks volumes about his ability to craft immense soundscapes without relying on modern studio tricks. The solo in this track is a masterclass in shredding, embodying the essence of a perfectly executed guitar solo. Lifeson’s contribution to “Working Man” played a pivotal role in solidifying Rush’s presence in the music world.