Remember When KISS Created A Pro Wrestler… And It Failed Miserably?

The Late 90s Were An Odd Time… Last night was the 35th iteration of what wrestling fans call the “Showcase Of The Immortals”, the “Grandest Stage Of Them All”, and the “Biggest Night In Sports Entertainment” among many other things. Its real name, Wrestlemania. It’s the biggest event in pro wrestling history and features the […] More

Randy Castillo: Rock & Roll’s Greatest Secret Weapon

Here’s His Story For as many iconic rockstars we see on stage and in music videos everyday, there are probably the same amount of session/touring musicians that help keep the rock & roll machine running. These are the ones that often go unnoticed by the casual fan, but they are essential utility players for bands […] More

Cinderella’s Tom Keifer Destroyed His Voice For Rock & Roll

The Sacrifice Was Tremendous Legendary rock band Cinderella were without a doubt one of the most underrated rock bands of the 80s and even today. During a time when hair-metal bands were all the rage, Cinderella had the look, but had a sound that was COMPLETELY different. Definitely a heavier, more thorough sound. This helped […] More

The Electric Guitar Is About To Become Obsolete…

RIP? I recently came across a video about a new piece of music technology called the Seaboard. This new instrument is basically a keyboard but with all of its limitations taken away. It’s hard to describe in words, but basically it’s a keyboard with an interface and an aesthetic that is meant for human hands. […] More

Did Frank Zappa’s Career Really Mean All That Much…?

The Truth… There’s absolutely no denying that Frank Zappa was without a shadow of a doubt one of the greatest musicians that ever walked the face of the earth. He was easily one of the most brilliant musical minds in the world and even today, 25 years after his death, he is one of the […] More

Paul McCartney’s Most Underrated Work-

A Handmade Moment of Domestic Bliss The release of Ram hit Beatles fans with the reality of the world’s most prolific band falling apart. No matter how genius the work was- no one was going to like it. It was Paul McCartney picking up and moving on with his life. In the infamous 1971 Rolling Stone review by […] More