20 Popular Candies From The 70s You’ll Remember

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Step back in time to the colorful world of the 1970s, a decade filled with iconic candies that sparked joy and nostalgia. These treats weren’t just sweets; they were a cherished part of growing up. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and rediscover 20 popular candies that defined the ’70s era:

Bazooka Bubble Gum

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Bazooka Bubble Gum, initially known for its iconic Bazooka Joe comics, was a staple of the 1940s and ’50s. Over the years, it underwent changes, replacing the comics with brain teasers in 2012. The sugary gum remains a familiar treat, cherished for its nostalgic flavor that transports individuals back to their childhood. Its enduring popularity makes it a timeless symbol of sweet simplicity.


Big League Chew

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Big League Chew burst onto the candy scene in 1980, offering a shredded bubblegum experience that mimicked chewing tobacco used by baseball players. Its unique packaging and various flavors, including blue raspberry, sour apple, and cotton candy, have made it a favorite among candy enthusiasts of all ages. The candy’s ability to provide a chewy and flavorful experience, combined with its association with America’s pastime, has solidified its place in nostalgic candy lore.


Candy Cigarettes

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Candy cigarettes, once designed to mimic real cigarettes, evolved due to concerns about their influence on children. The removal of features like red tips and “smoke” effects reflects a changing understanding of the potential impact of such candies. Despite these changes, the nostalgic value of candy cigarettes persists, serving as a reminder of a bygone era when childhood innocence and play were represented in unexpected ways.



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Razzles, the candy that transforms from a fruity treat into gum, has made its mark both in the past and present. Popularized in the ’70s and ’80s, its appearances in pop culture, such as Jennifer Garner’s character enjoying them in “13 Going on 30,” have helped maintain its status as a cherished candy. The combination of candy and gum provides a unique eating experience, ensuring that Razzles remain a delightful and whimsical treat for those seeking a taste of nostalgia.


Wacky Packs

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Wacky Packs, a fusion of humor and bubblegum, captured the hearts of kids in the 1970s. The quirky stickers offered a comedic alternative to traditional trading cards, adding an element of fun to collecting. Their enduring appeal as collectibles and the memories they evoke showcase the enduring power of humor and nostalgia in the world of candy and pop culture.


Candy Buttons

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Candy Buttons, though less common in some areas, left a lasting impression with their colorful appearance and playful design. The joy of peeling the dots from the paper and savoring the sweet taste created a memorable experience for those fortunate enough to enjoy them. The rarity of these candies has only added to their allure, making them a nostalgic treasure for those who remember them.



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Zotz, known for its fizzy powder center, provided a unique sensory experience for candy lovers. The combination of intense flavor and effervescent fizz created an exciting burst of taste and texture. Despite the surprise factor that sometimes led to unexpected reactions, the appeal of Zotz as a daring and entertaining candy endures as part of the sweet memories of the past.


Bottle Caps

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Bottle Caps, candy shaped like bottle caps and flavored like soda, offered a whimsical taste of nostalgia. With flavors inspired by popular soft drinks like cola, root beer, orange, and lemon-lime, these treats evoked the feeling of enjoying a soda without the liquid aspect. The distinctive shape and variety of flavors continue to make Bottle Caps a memorable and sought-after candy.


Zagnut Bars

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Zagnut Bars, characterized by their coconut coating and peanut butter filling, originated in 1930 and have stood the test of time. Their unique combination of textures and flavors, accompanied by the Hershey Company’s commitment to their continued production, ensure that Zagnut Bars remain a classic choice for those seeking a nostalgic candy experience.


Necco Wafers

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Necco Wafers, known for their dusty and brittle texture, were often associated with Halloween and trick-or-treating. While they may not have been universally beloved, their appearance during the holiday season and the distinct flavors they offered left an indelible mark on candy enthusiasts of the era.



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Choco-Lite’s bubbly, aerated chocolate bar provided a unique texture that set it apart from traditional candy bars. The combination of air bubbles and chocolate appealed to candy aficionados seeking a different kind of taste experience. Despite its eventual fade from the candy scene, Choco-Lite remains a notable representation of candy innovation.


Wax Lips

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Wax Lips, a quirky candy resembling oversized lips, posed a dual challenge: deciding whether to wear them or eat them. Their whimsical appearance and uncertain consumption method contributed to their charm as an offbeat candy choice, offering a touch of playful nostalgia.


Laffy Taffy

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Laffy Taffy’s bold flavors and chewy texture made it a reliable and affordable candy option for kids and adults alike. The wide range of flavors and its enduring presence in stores ensured that Laffy Taffy remained a recognizable and enjoyable candy treat.

Pop Rocks

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Pop Rocks’ fizzy sensation, although at times uncomfortable, added an element of excitement to the candy experience. The candy’s association with urban legends, such as the myth of the exploding stomach, further contributed to its allure and lasting popularity.


Now and Laters

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Now and Laters’ pliable texture and variety of flavors made them a favorite among young candy enthusiasts. Their affordable price and chewable nature ensured that they became a staple in the world of nostalgic treats.


Pixy Stix

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Pixy Stix, known for their tart and sweet powder-filled straws, offered a burst of flavor and a distinctive way of consuming candy. Their vibrant colors and unique packaging made them a memorable choice for those seeking a tangy taste experience.


Fruit Stripe Gum

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Fruit Stripe Gum’s colorful appearance and juicy flavors provided a delightful chewing experience. Despite the short-lived burst of flavor, the candy’s appeal and association with childhood make it a beloved treat for many.



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Lik-M-Aid’s dipping paper and flavored powder offered a labor-intensive yet rewarding candy experience. The process of moistening the paper and dipping it into the powder contributed to its unique charm, making it a memorable and somewhat unconventional choice for candy enthusiasts.


Nik-L-Nip Wax Bottles

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Nik-L-Nip Wax Bottles, despite their minimal sweet liquid content, presented a challenging and often frustrating candy consumption experience. The novelty of biting or sucking out the contents from the wax bottles added a layer of intrigue to this unique candy option.


Freshen-Up Gum

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Freshen-Up Gum’s liquid center and dual-purpose as both a sweet treat and a distraction made it a popular choice among candy enthusiasts. The gum’s ability to offer both sugar and entertainment showcased its appeal to young consumers seeking a flavorful and engaging experience.