Metallica Medley and Mashup- Her Voice Was Made For Metal

Youtube channel “Sershen & Zaritskaya” are back at it again with an awesome medley and mashup of Metallica. Covering many classic rock hits with their own style, it’s no surprise this video has received millions of views over the last couple years. The songs covered in here are: Memory Remains Wherever I May Roam Sad […] More

“My Sharona” Bluegrass Cover

Is there any bluegrass cover they can’t just absolutely smash? Unreal how talented these guys are! Steve’n’Seagulls are back at it again with ma ma ma my Sharona! But of course with that epic bluegrass style. “My Sharona” was originally by The Knack and released back in 1979 and has been one of those songs […] More

“Born To Run” Bruce Springsteen Cover Brings A Different Vibe

Singer/songwriter Noah Chenfeld released a Bruce Springsteen cover of “Born To Run” and we must say, it was quite a spectacular rendition of the song. It’s always good to see people bring back some of the ’70’s hits into this new age and revive those memories, through cover songs. It reminds us that even the […] More

Probably Best “Hey Joe” Jimi Hendrix Cover Out There

Christone “Kingfish” Ingram. The dude is from another planet. He was discovered years ago and even made a guest appearance on a local news segment because at the time he was just a teenager that could play the blues like no other. Ingram has made a name for himself through the last few years and […] More

Quagmire Explains The Incessant Use of “Fortunate Son”

There’s something about Creedence Clearwater Revival and the Vietnam War that goes together so well. Perhaps, it’s because in just about any Vietnam war movie, you hear it, but regardless. They just go hand in hand together. Obviously the lyrics as well as the time and setting back in the 70’s with everything going on, […] More

Robert Plant To Release His Own Podcast

Robert Plant is set to start his podcast next week. Plant’s podcast will make its first public appearance in June 3 called “Digging Deep: The Robert Plant Podcast” which will revolve around the singer’s stories regarding his career. “Making records is a very personal experience,” said Plant in the feature trailer. “I was so ready […] More

10 Essential Outlaws Songs You Need To Listen Today

Don’t you just miss listening to outlaw? No, we’re not talking about serving jail time or committing felony. The “outlaw” that we are referring to the artists who have control over their music rather than conform to country music’s norms. Most of the time the themes in outlaw songs are serious, ranging from dealing with […] More

Ranking The Best Songs In Rush’s Moving Pictures

On its release in 1981, Moving Pictures reached Top 5 spot both in the US and UK. It has also went platinum in their native Canada. Moving Pictures that propelled Rush from a cult band into world-renowned rock stars. Read on the find out the album’s songs ranked from good to the best:   Witch […] More

Why Keith Richards Is A Rock Legend

There are a lot of gifted and skilled rock guitarists out there. It must be hard for one to stand out from the crowd. To get noticed by the world, a guitarist must have something that makes him unique from all the venerated rock guitarists. Take Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones. What makes him […] More

David Lee Roth Surprised Fans At Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Van Halen’s ex-vocalist David Lee Roth surprised a fan in a bachelor party. Roth streamed the surprise encounter and posted it in his official Instagram and YouTube account. Roth was in Las Vegas for the Electric Daisy Carnival music festival. Armin van Buuren, a Dutch DJ, was playing his new EDM remix in the festival. […] More