Neil Young, Lynyrd Skynyrd, And The Greatest Feud That Never Was

The Greatest Feud That Never Was When Neil Young’s scathing criticism of the South and its ugly, painful history with racism came out to play in “Southern Man” and “Alabama,” it prompted a direct and measured response from Southern rock’s favorite son – Lynyrd Skynyrd frontman Ronnie Van Zant. The result was “Sweet Home Alabama” […] More

Why Pet Sounds Solidified Brian Wilson’s Brilliance

A New Species of Producer Brian Wilson’s  reverence amongst his contemporaries is indescribably impactful, but I’ll try my best to allegorically explain it with the theory of evolution. Brian Wilson was the Island of Galapagos,  rock artists were the finches, his records were genius conclusions (i.e. Charles Darwin), and the shift in musical production was […] More

What Happened To John Denver? His 1st Million-Selling Single

No Wonder He Became a Wildlife Superstar John Denver was the son of an Air Force pilot who spent most of his time in the New Mexico wildlife. Denver was inspired by flight and nature and spent much of his time singing and writing about the great wild. Of course spending so much time in […] More

Jim Morrison’s Prescient Thoughts On Electronic Music

A Synthesis of Beauty and Brilliance James Douglas Morrison had an extravagant way of conveying his intrinsic beliefs. Some of these extravagancies would lead to police confrontation. Yet, at the same time of some of his arrests (related to intoxicated exhibitionism), he was making intellectual leaps. In 1969, shortly before his arrest in Miami, he […] More