The Greatest Bassist Of The 80s’

The bass is sometimes an underrated instrument in a band. Most people think that it’s the guitar who carries the song. The bass is a versatile instrument that helps carries the tune of some of the most iconic songs. Music in the 80s was facing changes. Rock music was starting to get wider and its […] More

Johnny Depp Sings David Bowie

Johnny Depp isn’t only an actor, he’s a great singer too! Depp is a member of the rockstar/movie star supergroup called Hollywood Vampires. It features singer-songwriter Alice Cooper, Aerosmith’s guitarist Joe Perry, and finally, actor and also the band’s guitarist, Johnny Depp. Alice Cooper is usually the one who provides the vocals whenever the band […] More

The 5 Best Joe Perry Riffs Ever

Anthony Joseph Perry joined Aerosmith on September 10, 1950. From then on, the world has rocked a whole lot harder. Over the course of 65 years, Joe Perry has been mixing up some really great solos and riffs that are now considered as classics. Though he may not have the right technical ability when it […] More

Poison’s Bret Michaels Releases Song He Co-Wrote With His Daughter

Bret Michaels has just recently released a new video in his YouTube channel. It’s a video of his new song “Unbroken” which he and his youngest daughter, Jorja wrote together. In an interview with Digital Journal, Michaels expresses his delight over his 13-year old daughter and said that she did an “amazing job.” “She played […] More

Listen To Snippets From “Rejected” David Bowie Demos

David Bowie was an English singer/songwriter that’s considered one of the most influential musicians of all time. His career was marked with innovation and a new level of visual presentation in music. Bowie was one of a kind and to have lost him, the world had lost a treasure. David Bowie’s career starts off with […] More

The Second Episode Of Led Zeppelin’s 50th Anniversary History Series Is Here!

Led Zep fans get hyped! The band is streaming their second episode online of a freshly-released 50th-anniversary video history series. This series was announced as “a series of short stories celebrating what happened 50 years ago”. Its debut edition primarily set its eyes on the recording of the band’s self-titled debut album back in September […] More

How Led Zeppelin Writes A Song

  Led Zeppelin is considered as one of the most well-known and hard rocking bands in the world. The band’s songs had attracted hordes of admirers and with it were regarded as pioneers of heavy metal rock and alternative rock. They’ve juggled genres from hard rock to blues rock, to folk rock, and to heavy […] More

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