Berklee Students Gives A Proper Tribute To Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa is best remembered as this eccentric-looking man who has made over 60 albums in his career. He was more than that — he was an innovative musician. Zappa didn’t conform, he defied rules, and mixed numerous genres of music. He was a musician who didn’t mind getting political or to shock people with […] More

The Band Queen Surpasses The Real Queen In This Aspect

Queen is now officially richer than the Queen! How is this possible? Sure, Queen is a legendary rock band and has sold millions of their albums for years. But what could have made it possible for this band to be richer than the actual Queen? The answer: the success of the biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. Let’s take […] More

How The Grateful Dead Writes A Song

In the era of counterculture in the 1960s, Grateful Dead emerged into the music scene. The band didn’t restrain their creativity and style. Grateful Dead dared to infuse numerous genres such as rock, blues, reggae, psychedelia, bluegrass, gospel, and country. They have hence been recognized as “the pioneering Godfathers of the jam band world”. It […] More

How ZZ Top Writes A Song

They are America’s longest rock band that didn’t have any lineup changes. Texas-formed rock band ZZ Top appeared in the music scene in the 70s with their sensational mix of blues, boogie, and hard rock. It’s hard to believe that this band has faced slight variations over the years. ZZ Top has its own unique […] More

How Jefferson Airplane Wrote ‘White Rabbit’

The 1960s was quite a magical era. It was an era of change, of music, and of revolution. The US government was at war with Vietnam and instead of violent protest, people voiced their dissatisfaction through music. Jefferson Airplane was among those people who used music as a tool for peaceful protest. One of the […] More

The 5 Most Essential Jefferson Airplane Songs To Fall In Love To

Any classic rock fan is familiar with Jefferson Airplane and their songs. Love is a familiar topic with their songs. Jefferson Airplane had plenty of love to share and so did their songs. The band was widely dissatisfied with the government and the war it had partaken in and they voiced their opinions through songs. […] More

How Pink Floyd Wrote ‘Money’

Pink Floyd’s “Money” is acknowledged as one of rock and roll’s greatest songs. Roger Waters composed the hit and was released as a single track in 1973. The single became Pink Floyd’s first hit in the United States.   “Money” is generally misunderstood as a tribute song to money and that it’s something positive. However, […] More

How The Rolling Stones Writes A Song

The Rollings Stones are usually called The Greatest Band In The World. Of course, they have been making music for decades. They were the icons of the counterculture in the 1960s. Apart from their rebellious image, Rolling Stones has created music that had lasted throughout the decades. It has been long years, styles have changed, […] More

Metallica Open European Tour In Portugal

Metallica fans in Europe are in for the best treat ever as Metallica kicks off their European tour on May 1. The tour is in support of the band’s 10th studio album, Hardwired…to Self-Destruct. This is the band’s first performance after they finished the North American tour last March 13. There were also added bonuses […] More

Steven Tyler’s Immortal Passion In Singing Is In This Performance

Most people who are in their 70s would probably slow down and retire. But not for Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. Truly, the man was named “Demon of Screamin’” with a good reason.   Tyler’s passion for singing beats the test of time…and age. He had been singing with Aerosmith since 1970 and they’re certainly not […] More

Deer Plays Drums To Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” Perfectly

The internet can sure house a lot of funny and even unexpected things. From cat videos to people making a fool of themselves, surely we can find a variety of entertainment. Apart from cute or hilarious videos, sometimes there are captured moments that are quite unbelievable. One such internet content that is widely popular is […] More

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