Brian May Helps Boy Reunite With Lost Guitar

A lost guitar was found and brought back to its eight-year-old boy owner. All thanks to Queen’s Brian May, stage actress Mazz Murray, and the power of the internet.

U.K. West End star Murray found the instrument on the London Underground station. She posted it on social media asking for help to find the person it belongs to and tagged May. The two met during the production of the Queen musical We Will Rock You and became friends.

May shared the post and helped search the rightful owner of the guitar, luckily, the news reached a kid named Emerson Liu Bancroft, from Borehamwood, UK. He confirmed that it was his guitar when he named the items in the case, accurately a sheet music for the Harry Potter and Star Wars soundtracks.

Bancroft met Murray at the Novello Theatre, where Murray is currently starring in Mamma Mia! and the kid was reunited with his guitar. May dropped in via Zoom to greet the young guitarist.