Meet The Country King of Kenya- Who’s Got That Classic Deep Voice

Youtube / Great Big Story

Meet Sir Elvis

Country music is big in Kenya. There are radio stations dedicated to this particular genre, and they even have their own country musicians.

Sir Elvis (born Elvis Otieno) is Kenya’s king of country music. His father was a preacher, and yes, his parents named him after Elvis Presley. It wasn’t long before Otieno’s talents were recognized. He went from being a local celebrity to taking home an award during the sixth annual Texas Sounds International Country Music festival in 2019.

“My mom and my dad loved Elvis Presley and so when my mom gave birth to me, that was the year Elvis Presley died,” Otieno said. “Mysteriously, I became a musician.”

“Way back then from 50’s and 60’s there has always been a country music program on the airwaves on Kenyan soil,” he explained.

Otieno is no impersonator. He’s a full-fledged country musician with one of the most amazing voices we’ve heard. All you have to do is listen to him perform to know that he’s the real deal.

“It is a dream but I always put myself in a spot where if it doesn’t happen, I don’t think it’s going to be a really big story for me,” Otieno admitted. “I keep it simple.”