Ann Wilson Just Sold Her Gorgeous Home For $4.3 Million – Take A Peek Inside

(LEFT) Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images -- (BACKDROP)

See How A Rock Legend Lives!

When it comes to your favorite artist, you see them all the time on stage or on your TV/computer, but have you ever wanted to see what it’s like for them off the stage, particularly how they live? Fortunately, nowadays, we get a glimpse of this when we see their homes get sold or listed.

You’ve probably already seen lots of rockstars’ homes already such as Tom Petty, Rod Stewart, and Kid Rock among many others and it goes without saying that they all have/had great taste. This time around is certainly no different. Ann Wilson of Heart recently just sold her gorgeous Seattle estate for a whopping $4.3 million and it’s easy to see why there’s such a big price tag on it. Take a look for yourself!

Being on the road for months at a time must be truly grueling. So I can only imagine that coming home to this house with this pool when it’s all said and done has got to be a real treat and a half. It definitely has to be the perfect way to unwind, and when you’re Ann Wilson, you’re more than deserving of that!

If you ask me, this gorgeous home could easily be a bed and breakfast. Just imagine waking up every morning and stepping outside with your coffee to this beautiful outdoor patio. If this doesn’t make you a morning person, I don’t know what will…

Entertaining your friends and family in this house must be an event all on its own. Whether it’s a birthday party, Christmas, family reunion, whatever the case may be, if you’re gonna throw a house party of any kind, THIS is where you want to have it!

This newly sold home comes with four bedrooms, three full-baths, two half-baths plus the pool house, exterior shower, wet bar and half bath.

If you were looking to buy this home, all I can say is better luck next time, because this home sold faster than water in the Sahara Desert. You can learn more about this home by clicking here.