Jack Osbourne Updates Us On Ozzy’s Condition

Finally, Some Good News… It was just earlier this month that Ozzy Osbourne had to postpone the dates for his farewell tour for the third straight time. The first time around was after getting a staph infection in his hand, the second time being a battle with pneumonia, now this most recent time a fall […] More

Report: Legendary Guitarist/Keyboardist Dead At 73

News Confirmed By Band It is with heavy hearts that we have just learned that Paul Raymond, longtime guitarist and keyboardist for UFO, passed away this past Saturday as a result of a heart attack. The news was broken by his life partner Sandra who made the post on Facebook. Sandra details that “The doctors […] More

Remember When KISS Created A Pro Wrestler… And It Failed Miserably?

The Late 90s Were An Odd Time… Last night was the 35th iteration of what wrestling fans call the “Showcase Of The Immortals”, the “Grandest Stage Of Them All”, and the “Biggest Night In Sports Entertainment” among many other things. Its real name, Wrestlemania. It’s the biggest event in pro wrestling history and features the […] More

Randy Castillo: Rock & Roll’s Greatest Secret Weapon

Here’s His Story For as many iconic rockstars we see on stage and in music videos everyday, there are probably the same amount of session/touring musicians that help keep the rock & roll machine running. These are the ones that often go unnoticed by the casual fan, but they are essential utility players for bands […] More

8 Rock Legends You Had No Idea Were In The Movie ‘Rockstar’

#8 – Ralph Saenz (aka Michael Starr) As Chris “Izzy” Cole makes his way through a luxurious mansion to get to the audition for Steel Dragon, he and his girlfriend find the vocal booth with an unsuccessful would be singer already in there. His appearance in this movie is very brief, but that wouldn’t be the […] More