Kurt Cobain’s “Used” Paper Plate Sold For Hefty Price

Kurt Cobain was the grunge icon whose music took the world by surprise. Photo Credits: Instagram / grunge_bible

Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain is regarded as influential alternative rock figure. Along with Nirvana, they took the alternative genre into the mainstream with their second studio album, “Nevermind.” Cobain and Nirvana helped shaped a new era of music with the soul of punk rock and dirge-like lyrics that had captured the generation’s youth.  

However, Cobain didn’t stay long in the music scene as the singer shot himself in April 5, 1994. His apparent suicide is still shrouded in mystery even up to this day. Though Cobain has passed away, his legacy remained. His death secured his immortality.

Considered as a grunge rock icon, Kurt Cobain’s personal items are now considered highly valuable….whatever they may be.

Just recently, Julien’s Auctions has announced in its official Twitter account that Kurt Cobain’s cardigan and a used paper plate has just been sold for substantial amount.

Official statement said that the cardigan sold for $75,000 while the paper plate sold for $22,400.

SOLD for $75,000! A cardigan worn by #KurtCobain in his last photoshoot with #Nirvana taken in the summer of 1993 with photographer Jesse Frohman. SOLD TODAY in our ‘Music Icons.’

SOLD for 22,400! A used paper plate with a #Nirvana set list handwritten by #KurtCobain at the 9:30 nightclub in Washington, D.C., on April 23, 1990. SOLD TODAY in our ‘’Music Icons.

For the price that fetched for each item, some people thought it was absurd.

How much would a piece of used toilet paper kurt wiped his ass on get? This is ridiculous.” commented one follower on Twitter.

Regardless of what other people think, these items owned and held by the grunge rock icon himself is already considered priceless. Cobain had ushered in a new era of music and his untimely death was such a blow. Just like his death, Cobain also had once surprised and swept the music world over its head.