Ranking The Best Songs In “Born To Run” By Bruce Springsteen

Springsteen romanticizes American themes with his third studio album "Born To Run" with which the singer has attained mainstream popularity. Photo Credits: Instagram / vinylveteran

Bruce Springsteen has received worldwide acclaim with his 1975 album, Born To Run. The singer-songwriter had faced struggles to attain success. With Born To Run, he finally has.

The album boasts of 8 tracks, all filled with the ideal standard of rock and roll, fierce delivery, and expressive songwriting. Born To Run is the stories that Springsteen tries to tell to his audience of an unseen struggle he has faced.

Read on to see the albums tracks ranked from best to splendid:  


  1. Night

Night” is an overlooked song. Fans might even consider this as a “filler” track. But even so, it contains exciting lyrics that is a favorite of E Street Band.


  1. She’s the One

With Clarence Clemons on the sax, “She’s the One” has become Springsteen traditional love songs.



  1. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out

Immortalizing Clarence Clemons, Springsteen blends a fantastic work of rock and R&B. The rhythm is light and springy, “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” gives a lighthearted beat into the album.  


  1. Backstreets

One of Springsteen’s works that is considered a classic. The vocal performance is full of emotion and it is simply untarnished and pure. There’s passion in it that the listener can feel the anguish.


  1. Meeting Across the River

Springsteen exhibits his lyrical genius with this song. Along with Randy Brecker who played the jazzy flugelhorn and Richard Davis who contributed the bassline, the song explores the psyche of a character who is down on his luck. Probably this song is a reflection of Springsteen’s early self as he was struggling with his early years of his career.


  1. Jungleland

Taking on a more poetic storytelling, “Jungleland” begins with an uncomplicated piano introduction. Springsteen then begins to sing a narration of the characters in the song. It’s a song that is quite similar to Bob Dylan’s “Desolation Row”. The song has a empathic story. Though it is an superfluous romance, it contains hints of realism.


  1. Thunder Road

Looking for the best rock opera? Then look no further for “Thunder Road” has everything for the best rock opera listening. As the opening track of Born To Run, it welcomes listeners with a delicate piano ballad that slowly takes the rhythm to a full rock and roll swing. “Thunder Road” has also become a concert favorite.



  1. Born to Run

This song was a turning point for Springsteen’s career. His previous records didn’t fare well and he was in the verge of failure. The record company would drop him soon enough if he hadn’t sold a hit.

Springsteen knew he had to come up with something more sophisticated if he wanted to succeed in hi career. In an interview with National Public Radio in 2005 he explained the meaning behind his hit track:

‘Born To Run’ was the song of my youth. Now I have to write something else. I became attracted to country music and older blues and folk because they bring the same intensity to adult issues and adult problems. And I thought, this is a lifetime job for me. I want to write songs I can sing at the great advanced age of 40 years old.