The Three Best Pioneer Rock Bands Of The 60s’

The Byrd's Mr. Tambourine Man. Photo Credits: Instagram / jorg3ugart3

Rock and roll was more than just music, it was a driving force that left a lasting impact on fashion, language, and attitude. 

By the ’60s, rock and roll bands started to shift society’s perspective of music. It was an era when it molded the way we know it today. There were a lot of bands and each had their own distinct styles.  

Let’s take a look at the three best pioneering rock bands in the 1960s:

1. The Kinks

It’s easily mistaken that The Sex Pistols were the pioneer of punk rock. The Kinks were the real forebears of the genre. They were the punks even before the term was invented.

The Kinks composed some of the most ingenious songs there were. Dynamic and innovative, they were the first band to use electric guitar distortion which has since been used by future heavy metal bands. Thanks to the Kinks, we now enjoy the sounds of garage rock, alternative rock, and punk rock.


2. The Byrds

The Byrds’ influence didn’t just cover one, but many. They were the first band to fearlessly integrated rock and folk rock. Because of this band, Dylan’s music reached a wider set of audiences.

The Byrds has also influenced The Beatles and vice versa. Even before the release of Sgt. Peppers, The Byrds were already rocking psychedelic rock.


3. The Beatles

Hailed as the Greatest Band in The World, The Beatles had forever change the face of music. The Fab Four had laid out musical trends that are still being emulated even up to this day. Their music never fails to stir interest.

The Beatles has stretched the boundaries of pop and rock music. Their milestones didn’t make them stop and they pushed further. They experimented and messed around how they would create their next hits. The Beatles had set trends and style which other bands followed suit.

Though the Beatles have disbanded, Beatlemania is still going strong.