The Greatest Quotes From John Lennon

British musician John Lennon will always be remembered as an enduring cultural icon. He’s always had a way with words and can convey his innermost feelings through songs. After leaving the Beatles, Lennon pursued his own career and continued making music. Tragically, Lennon was shot dead by Mark David Chapman on December 8, 1980. On […] More

Why Jimi Hendrix Played Bass In “All Along The Watchtower”

Producer Eddie Kramer along with filmmaker John McDermott held an interview with Q104.3 to discuss Jimi Hendrix’s last studio album released in 1968 “Electric Ladyland”. Kramer also mentions his meetings with The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.   I want to start up by clearing up some info for me. This album was or was not […] More

The Events That Made John Lennon Decide To Leave The Beatles

The Beatles were the most commercially successful band in the world. They have attained popularity which had impacted the pop culture for many years. They were on top of the world. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. By 1966, John Lennon had seen the signs that the most beloved band in the […] More

The 10 Best Lyrics From The Beatles

  Beatlemania first took the world by storm in the early ‘60s. For most rock and roll fans, the mania will never end. For others, however, they are just some overrated boy band who can’t croon a tune. Love them or hate them, The Beatles have already gone down in history. It’s undeniable that The […] More

John Lennon And George Harrison’s Last Interview Together

John Lennon and George Harrison were of polar opposites of each other. Lennon was popularly known as the “Rebellious Beatle” due to his sarcastic wit and unruly attitude. Harrison, on the other hand, was the “Quiet Beatle”, known for his reserved nature and giving few words during the band’s interviews. The two Beatle members are […] More

Paul McCartney And Jimmy Fallon “Prank” Is The Best!

Paul McCartney is already well into his 70s, but that doesn’t stop him having that youthful, funny, and energetic personality.   McCartney, along with comedian Jimmy Fallon prank guests at 30 Rockefeller at New York City. This prank is part of Fallon’s show’s segment called “Elevator Surprise”. The other popular figure who had taken part […] More

What Ringo Has To Say About Replacing Pete Best

Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr are the widely known members of the The Beatles, often referred to as the “Fab Four”. Though there is the “Fifth Beatle” title connected to some musicians. These musicians are known to be a part of The Beatles before reaching stardom. When McCartney saw Ringo Starr […] More

The Beatles’ Song That John Lennon Hated

In the history of music, The Beatles was the most significant band that had defined the rock and roll era. However, despite the legions of fans, the band isn’t immune to critics. It may come as a surprise, but The Beatles’ top critic isn’t a journalist in some tabloid or magazine. No, it’s their very own […] More

The Beat Brothers- From German Studios To Cavern Clubs

Bert Kaempfert Produktion Tony Sheridan, was a British singer- songwriter and guitarist. His most notable work is tied to his early collaborations with the Beatles. Quite some time before the the Beatles were the Beatles, the band was an extension of Tony Sheridan. In the summer of 1961, the band recorded eight songs for the Bert […] More

Truth You Never Knew Of How Beatles Wrote Their Songs

Simple, Yet Brilliant… As a musician, I always find myself asking just how The Beatles were able to crank out hit, after hit, after hit with such ease. The majority of their songs are simple, yet timeless, but then again you don’t need me to tell you that. So what is it? How were these […] More