Jason Bonham Shares One Of His Wild Jimmy Page Stories

Being a rock star sure can get pretty wild. Take for example Jason Bonham, son of the late John Bonham, and his early brush with cocaine thanks to Jimmy Page. In an interview with Howard Stern on SiriusXM, Jason Bonham claims that when he was just 16 years old, Jimmy Page gave him cocaine. After […] More

Why Jimi Hendrix Played Bass In “All Along The Watchtower”

Producer Eddie Kramer along with filmmaker John McDermott held an interview with Q104.3 to discuss Jimi Hendrix’s last studio album released in 1968 “Electric Ladyland”. Kramer also mentions his meetings with The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.   I want to start up by clearing up some info for me. This album was or was not […] More

Ranking The 10 Classic Rock Sophomore Albums

The second album is just as crucial as the first. Second or sophomore albums are defining factors in careers. This ensures the continuity of a musician or a band. Fans will see if there is anything interesting or new with their favorite artists. Are they just a one-hit wonder? Or is it just the same […] More

Robert Plant Tells An Unsettling Truth

Led Zeppelin is widely regarded as the most influential, best selling, and iconic band in the history of rock and roll. They have influenced rock bands like Queen, Aerosmith, Rush, Ramones, and The Cult. Even singers such as Madonna and Lady Gaga acknowledges the band’s astounding impact in the music world. Lead singer of rock […] More