The 10 Best Songs Chuck Berry Didn’t Write

If you love rock and roll, chances are you’ve heard of Chuck Berry. Born in 1926 in Missouri, Charles Anderson Edward Berry or Chuck Berry is considered the “Father of Rock and Roll”. The most reputable names in the rock music industry acknowledge Berry as the embodiment of rock. As the pioneer figure of rock […] More

The Untold Truth About Country Joe and The Fish

Innovative, sarcastic, and political, Country Joe and The Fish was a prominent psychedelic rock band in San Francisco Bay Area in mid- to late 60s. Formed in Berkeley, California in 1965, the band was founded by Country Joe McDonald and Barry “The Fish” Melton. McDonald and Melton were already in tandem before the band was […] More

The Electric Guitar Is About To Become Obsolete…

RIP? I recently came across a video about a new piece of music technology called the Seaboard. This new instrument is basically a keyboard but with all of its limitations taken away. It’s hard to describe in words, but basically it’s a keyboard with an interface and an aesthetic that is meant for human hands. […] More

Paul McCartney’s Most Underrated Work-

A Handmade Moment of Domestic Bliss The release of Ram hit Beatles fans with the reality of the world’s most prolific band falling apart. No matter how genius the work was- no one was going to like it. It was Paul McCartney picking up and moving on with his life. In the infamous 1971 Rolling Stone review by […] More

The Beat Brothers- From German Studios To Cavern Clubs

Bert Kaempfert Produktion Tony Sheridan, was a British singer- songwriter and guitarist. His most notable work is tied to his early collaborations with the Beatles. Quite some time before the the Beatles were the Beatles, the band was an extension of Tony Sheridan. In the summer of 1961, the band recorded eight songs for the Bert […] More

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