Watch Game Of Thrones’ Stars Sing A Tom Waits Classic

Game of Thrones fans are now on the edge of their seat as the final season of the show is currently on television. Every character has the possibility of dying. Recent episodes show some surprising twists and turns. The story is slowly unfolding, the plots are getting thicker, and some characters finally show their true […] More

Axl Rose Suing Brewery Selling Guns N’ Rose’ Beer

News reports are coming in that hard rock band Guns N’ Roses are filing a lawsuit against Canarchy Craft Brewery over the Guns ‘N’ Rose beer. There are legal documents that claim that the brewery mentioned has “refused to immediately and completely case sales and marketing” of the beverage which was inspired by the band. […] More

Top 10 Greatest Drum Solos Of The 60’s

Every rock band needs a great drummer. It’s the one that drives the beat of rock and roll tracks. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic drum solo performances of the 1960s.   10. Cream – Ginger Baker (Toad) Baker delivers a complex and intimate solo with “Cream”. It’s quite rare for […] More

How Neil Young Wrote “Ohio”

The events in the 60s were more than just an emergence of new music and style. It was about protest as well. The counterculture revolution involved young adults and adolescents who were starting to question and reject the norms and beliefs that were set by society. Some of the issues of that were viewed as […] More

This Guy Proves Your Playing This AC/DC Song All Wrong

AC/DC has some of the most authentic rock and roll guitar riffs. Their riffs have been strongly linked to what hard rock is all about. Thanks to the Young brothers, the world of rock and roll has some of the hard-hitting hits to jam. There are only a few bands that can produce the same […] More

Woodstock 50 Investors Gives Reason They Withdraw From Festival

In recent events, more news has begun to unfold regarding the future of Woodstock 50. According to their insider contacts of the situation, TMZ reports that there is a great decline in the anticipated space for the venue. This led to investors pulling out their financial support for the annual music festival where artists like […] More

The Three Best Pioneer Rock Bands Of The 60s’

Rock and roll was more than just music, it was a driving force that left a lasting impact on fashion, language, and attitude.  By the ’60s, rock and roll bands started to shift society’s perspective of music. It was an era when it molded the way we know it today. There were a lot of […] More

Greta Van Fleet Melts Everyone’s Faces In Lollapalooza Brazil

American rock band Greta Van Fleet graces fans at Lollapalooza in Sao Paulo, Brazil last April 8. Brazilian fans welcomed the musicians with spirit. The band delivered a set of 9 songs from their debut album “Anthem of the Peaceful Army”. They also performed EP’s from 2017 namely “From the Fires” and “Black Smoke Rising”. […] More

Top 5 Rock Legend Prodigy

Getting the spotlight may prove complicated for some musicians. It could take years to hone musical skills and get their talent to stand out. It’s a hard road of practice and perseverance. But fate had bestowed fame and talent on these musicians early. Read on to see who are the rock legends who started out […] More

8 Rock Legends You Had No Idea Were In The Movie ‘Rockstar’

#8 – Ralph Saenz (aka Michael Starr) As Chris “Izzy” Cole makes his way through a luxurious mansion to get to the audition for Steel Dragon, he and his girlfriend find the vocal booth with an unsuccessful would be singer already in there. His appearance in this movie is very brief, but that wouldn’t be the […] More