The Biggest Lesson Ozzy Taught Son Jack About Fatherhood

Jack Osbourne Talks Fatherhood Lessons From Dad When your dad is one of the most controversial and wildly entertaining cultural icons in the world, it goes without saying that some of your life lessons are going to be a little…well, bizarre. In the case of Jack Osbourne, being the son of the legendary Ozzy Osbourne came […] More

Slash Kicked Drugs For Good In 2005 – Here’s How He Did It

Slash’s Long Road To Redemption When Slash left Guns N’ Roses in the early 90s, the excess that followed him during his time in the biggest band in the world didn’t stop. It hit the gas, taking the guitarist on a hellish ride through addiction that lasted well into the year 2005 as he struggled […] More

Howard Stern To Retire After 35 Years In Radio

Shock Jock Makes Shocking Announcement Well folks, it’s the end of an era. Famed shock jock Howard Stern kicked off the week by announcing his impending retirement after more than 30 years in radio. Stern, 65, has contemplated retirement in the past, even going so far as to wait until the eleventh hour to tell […] More

The Osbourne Family Crisis That Once Drove Ozzy To Overdose

Daughter Kelly Reveals Ozzy’s Darkest Moment In Upcoming Tell-All The Osbourne family has been to hell and back, especially in recent months and years; thankfully, they’ve always emerged on the other side stronger than before though according to daughter Kelly, there was a period where the Osbournes very nearly didn’t make it. In her upcoming tell-all […] More

Nikki Sixx Died For A Full Two Minutes – Here’s What It Taught Him

If there’s anything Nikki Sixx understands, it’s dying. The 60-year-old Mötley Crüe bassist and father of four (soon to be five) is lightyears away from the debauchery and excess of his youth, having kicked his addictions as of 2004 in exchange for a healthier lifestyle. But as many Mötley Crüe fans can remember, there was a time when […] More