John Lennon And George Harrison’s Last Interview Together

John Lennon and George Harrison were of polar opposites of each other. Lennon was popularly known as the “Rebellious Beatle” due to his sarcastic wit and unruly attitude. Harrison, on the other hand, was the “Quiet Beatle”, known for his reserved nature and giving few words during the band’s interviews. The two Beatle members are […] More

Ranking The Songs In Def Leppard’s Hysteria

Def Leppard had been through hell and back producing their fourth studio album. Hysteria’s production took a course of three years due to nightmarish delays, a perfectionist producer, and Rick Allen’s accident that had changed his life forever. Visualized to be on the same level as Michael Jackson’s Thriller, each song was written with careful […] More

Paul McCartney And Jimmy Fallon “Prank” Is The Best!

Paul McCartney is already well into his 70s, but that doesn’t stop him having that youthful, funny, and energetic personality.   McCartney, along with comedian Jimmy Fallon prank guests at 30 Rockefeller at New York City. This prank is part of Fallon’s show’s segment called “Elevator Surprise”. The other popular figure who had taken part […] More

Top 5 Rock Legend Prodigy

Getting the spotlight may prove complicated for some musicians. It could take years to hone musical skills and get their talent to stand out. It’s a hard road of practice and perseverance. But fate had bestowed fame and talent on these musicians early. Read on to see who are the rock legends who started out […] More

Top 5 Geddy Lee Bass Solos

  When Rush went on a hiatus, frontman and bassist Geddy Lee took the chance to release his only solo album My Favorite Headache. Going solo gave Lee the opportunity to stretch his musical creativity and explore new boundaries. Though his solo album wasn’t on par with Rush’s works, it performed extraordinarily well. It reached […] More

Ranking The 10 Classic Rock Sophomore Albums

The second album is just as crucial as the first. Second or sophomore albums are defining factors in careers. This ensures the continuity of a musician or a band. Fans will see if there is anything interesting or new with their favorite artists. Are they just a one-hit wonder? Or is it just the same […] More

The Untold Truth About John Denver

After singing “Leaving On A Jet Plane”, Chantal Kreviazuk became well-known. But not a lot of people are familiar with the original singer, John Denver. By the ‘70s, Denver became an emblematic musical figure. He was more than a musician, but also a pivotal political activist. Unfortunately, he met his untimely death in 1997 and his […] More

Ranking The Best AC/DC Album

AC/DC has an epic adventure over the past decades. With a musical career of over 30 years, these guys are still rocking it. Critics often say that AC/DC sounds the same, but millions of listeners tend to disagree. Check out this list of the top 10 AC/DC Albums ranked from the worst to the best: […] More

The Untold Truth Of The Bohemian Rhapsody Movie

It seems impossible to cram a lifelong story in just two hours. Let alone make a biography film about Queen, a band who had a frontman who was larger than life. Freddie and Queen had led extraordinary lives. That doesn’t stop Hollywood to exaggerate, create additional characters, alter timelines, and add drama. Fans of Queen […] More

Unbelievable Steven Tyler Facts

Life as a rock star sure is dazzling and amazing. With fame and fortune at the palm of your hand, it’s typical to get involved with countless women (and men) and drugs. Steven Tyler has been living such a lifestyle for decades. From Aerosmith frontman to an American Idol judge, he’s capable of some shocking […] More