The Three Best Pioneer Rock Bands Of The 70s

The 1970s was the decade that changed rock and roll forever. The top goal of bands in the ‘70s was to make music that had the themes of love and peace, nothing too different from the previous decade. By adding guitar riffs, a plethora of distortion, and fresh emotional lyrics, rock bands gave a new […] More

The 3 Best Guitarist Mainly Influenced By Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix has changed the world on how the electric guitar was viewed. Before Hendrix was in the music scene, the guitar was merely an accompaniment. But as Hendrix played, he wowed the world of how the electric guitar could be a force of nature. Sadly, Hendrix passed away at the age of 27. Years […] More

The Three Best Pioneer Rock Bands Of The 60s’

Rock and roll was more than just music, it was a driving force that left a lasting impact on fashion, language, and attitude.  By the ’60s, rock and roll bands started to shift society’s perspective of music. It was an era when it molded the way we know it today. There were a lot of […] More

Ranking All The Songs In Paul McCartney’s Beatle-esque “Flaming Pie”

Paul McCartney’s musical career flourished even after the Beatles disbanded. He composed and produced songs that still capture the interest of his audiences. McCartney has been a musician for a long time that his “returns” seems more like he’s here to stay. Among his numerous “returns”, Flaming Pie stands out as a true classic that […] More

The 5 Most Essential Jefferson Airplane Songs To Fall In Love To

Any classic rock fan is familiar with Jefferson Airplane and their songs. Love is a familiar topic with their songs. Jefferson Airplane had plenty of love to share and so did their songs. The band was widely dissatisfied with the government and the war it had partaken in and they voiced their opinions through songs. […] More

The Best Song From Every Deep Purple Album

Considered as one of the bands who had laid the groundwork for contemporary hard rock and heavy metal, Deep Purple has withstood tremendous changes. Over the years, the band has changed from their band member line-up to their approach to music. Deep Purple is one of the legends that has influenced countless metal and rock […] More

Ranking All The Songs In The Album “Permanent Waves” By Rush

Rush didn’t have it well with rock music journalists ever since the release of their 1974 debut album. However, with  “Permanent Waves,” Rush bounced back at their critics. The band took a different approach.  “Permanent Waves” is Rush’s most successful album. It received a wealth of positive feedback from both critics and fans alike, ranking […] More

Ranking All The Songs In The Album “Only the Beginning” By Chicago

Ever since their formation in 1967, Chicago has delivered countless musical innovations throughout the decade. Originally called the Chicago Transit Authority, the band took it to new levels in merging rock and roll with jazz. As they did, they had ushered a new face of music genre. Guitars, both acoustic and electric, are known staples […] More

The Greatest Quotes From John Lennon

British musician John Lennon will always be remembered as an enduring cultural icon. He’s always had a way with words and can convey his innermost feelings through songs. After leaving the Beatles, Lennon pursued his own career and continued making music. Tragically, Lennon was shot dead by Mark David Chapman on December 8, 1980. On […] More

The 10 Best Lyrics From The Beatles

  Beatlemania first took the world by storm in the early ‘60s. For most rock and roll fans, the mania will never end. For others, however, they are just some overrated boy band who can’t croon a tune. Love them or hate them, The Beatles have already gone down in history. It’s undeniable that The […] More

Ranking The Songs In Def Leppard’s Hysteria

Def Leppard had been through hell and back producing their fourth studio album. Hysteria’s production took a course of three years due to nightmarish delays, a perfectionist producer, and Rick Allen’s accident that had changed his life forever. Visualized to be on the same level as Michael Jackson’s Thriller, each song was written with careful […] More

Top 5 Rock Legend Prodigy

Getting the spotlight may prove complicated for some musicians. It could take years to hone musical skills and get their talent to stand out. It’s a hard road of practice and perseverance. But fate had bestowed fame and talent on these musicians early. Read on to see who are the rock legends who started out […] More