Top 5 Geddy Lee Bass Solos

  When Rush went on a hiatus, frontman and bassist Geddy Lee took the chance to release his only solo album My Favorite Headache. Going solo gave Lee the opportunity to stretch his musical creativity and explore new boundaries. Though his solo album wasn’t on par with Rush’s works, it performed extraordinarily well. It reached […] More

Ranking The 10 Classic Rock Sophomore Albums

The second album is just as crucial as the first. Second or sophomore albums are defining factors in careers. This ensures the continuity of a musician or a band. Fans will see if there is anything interesting or new with their favorite artists. Are they just a one-hit wonder? Or is it just the same […] More

The Untold Truth About John Denver

After singing “Leaving On A Jet Plane”, Chantal Kreviazuk became well-known. But not a lot of people are familiar with the original singer, John Denver. By the ‘70s, Denver became an emblematic musical figure. He was more than a musician, but also a pivotal political activist. Unfortunately, he met his untimely death in 1997 and his […] More

Ranking The Best AC/DC Album

AC/DC has an epic adventure over the past decades. With a musical career of over 30 years, these guys are still rocking it. Critics often say that AC/DC sounds the same, but millions of listeners tend to disagree. Check out this list of the top 10 AC/DC Albums ranked from the worst to the best: […] More

The Untold Truth Of The Bohemian Rhapsody Movie

It seems impossible to cram a lifelong story in just two hours. Let alone make a biography film about Queen, a band who had a frontman who was larger than life. Freddie and Queen had led extraordinary lives. That doesn’t stop Hollywood to exaggerate, create additional characters, alter timelines, and add drama. Fans of Queen […] More

The 10 Best Songs Chuck Berry Didn’t Write

If you love rock and roll, chances are you’ve heard of Chuck Berry. Born in 1926 in Missouri, Charles Anderson Edward Berry or Chuck Berry is considered the “Father of Rock and Roll”. The most reputable names in the rock music industry acknowledge Berry as the embodiment of rock. As the pioneer figure of rock […] More

The Beatles’ Song That John Lennon Hated

In the history of music, The Beatles was the most significant band that had defined the rock and roll era. However, despite the legions of fans, the band isn’t immune to critics. It may come as a surprise, but The Beatles’ top critic isn’t a journalist in some tabloid or magazine. No, it’s their very own […] More

Ranking The Best Female Classic Rock Drummers In History

Learning how to play the drums isn’t that difficult. But being good at it is another story as it takes years of practice. Being recognized in the world of rock and roll as a drummer is another level. It takes a great deal of talent, skill, and perseverance. And these ladies have all of it. […] More

8 Rock Legends You Had No Idea Were In The Movie ‘Rockstar’

#8 – Ralph Saenz (aka Michael Starr) As Chris “Izzy” Cole makes his way through a luxurious mansion to get to the audition for Steel Dragon, he and his girlfriend find the vocal booth with an unsuccessful would be singer already in there. His appearance in this movie is very brief, but that wouldn’t be the […] More

The Last Words Of 10 Famous Rockstars

Jimi Hendrix: “I need help bad, man.” These were the last words of the legendary guitarist before passed away at the Samarkand Hotel in London on September 18, 1970. George Harrison: “Love one another.” Harrison died at the home of a long time friend, with wife and son with him. He battled cancer until the end. He […] More